Can be tailor-made, saves space and manpower.

Install inside or outside

This lift is installed at site. It uses an advanced system that saves space and is user-friendly. We have various models to suit your needs.
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Our Goods Lift (Elevator) is the ideal material handling equipment. In poultry farm sheds, heavy loads can be move from one floor to another using this lift. We structure is set up on site. They can be tailor-made and installed inside or outside the building, as per your needs.

The lift comes with a wire rope mounted on an i-beam, which allows for adjusting the height of the lift. C-Guides are fitted on the sides of the cage of the lift to ensure it runs smoothly.


  • Saves space, manpower
  • Intelligent design maximises profit
  • Easy operation
  • Various models available for up and down use
  • Delivery of eggs and poultry feed types elevator
  • No special construction required

Elevator carrying of goods data

  • 9600 eggs, (320 trays) one matured egg weight is 52 gms, Total weight= 500Kg


Lift Controller system

  • Advance system with user-friendly operation
  • Two sets of switches for up and down operation
  • Visual indication of operation
  • Two sets of switches can be installed at any place
  • Auto stop facility
  • Up and Down buzzer operation
  • Easy operation
  • Works on single phase electricity
  • Can be installed at any location in a poultry
  • Low-power consumption