Only external therapy technology that is also effective on internal organs, cuts and wounds.

Multiple applicators can be used

Pulse magnetic field therapy re-energises damaged cells. It supports healing of damaged and inflamed tissues and muscles, and reduces pain, swelling, and inflamations. It stimulates the body’s natural healing process.
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This device offers relief and better recovery from various health issues such as body pain, arthritis, thyroid, blood pressure, analgesic pain, migraine, injuries, diabetes and other similar health conditions.

It cures 100+ diseases without penetration, vibrating pressure, electric impulse and massaging of the body. It is a pulse-based silent electromagnetic therapy. You cannot feel or sense it on the body.

The device incoporates multi-modes pulse band. The user can set the treatment time and intensity. For ease of use, the device has audio-visual indicators.

Device features

  • User-friendly
  • Easy-program selection
  • Multi-mode treatment
  • Digital display
  • Pulse-indication
  • Sound alert
  • Provision for multiple applicators
  • Low power consumption