Tamper-proof, tailor-made system.

Shutter siren, door siren, smart sensor

Economical electronic security system for various settings. Items include siren system, door siren, sensors, auto dialers, and cameras.
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We have approximately 5000 installations across the country in bungalows, temples, schools, colleges, museums, factories, offices, and farm houses. Our products include:

Siren system

  • operates with cordless remote control sensors as well as wire-based sensors
  • system consists of auto-dialer panel
  • components include inside panel, siren, main door sensor, door sensor, window knitting sensor

Shutter siren

  • cost-effective, easy to install and operate
  • can be installed on a shutter or a collapsible door
  • unauthorised entry activates the siren

Door siren

  • can be installed on a main door or a collapsible door
  • unauthorised entry activates the alarm
  • tamper-proof system with a safety locking device
  • facility for entry and exit delay
  • low power consumption
  • additional sensors such as door sensor, vibration sensor, panic sensor, fire sensor can be attached

Smart sensor

  • stand-alone system
  • wall-mounted
  • works on 230V AC supply
  • detection range upto 12m
  • can be used as welcome light, electricity saving device

Door sensor/Main door sensor

  • used for securing doors and windows
  • installed on doors or windows
  • comprises a sensor and field block
  • high-sensitivity device keeps the alarm active even when there’s a 10 mm gap
  • unauthorised access sends a message to the control panel to activate the siren and auto-dialer
  • facility for entry and exit delay

Panic switch

  • pressing the switch activates emergency alarms
  • enables quick response in emergency situations

Window knitting sensor

  • installed on windows or grills
  • if anyone tries to open or break the window, a sensor sends a message to the control panel to activate the siren and auto-dialer

3 zone security panel

  • used for analysing a particular area by connecting different types of sensors
  • works on 230V AC supply and rechargeable battery (12V DC)

9 number auto dialer

  • used for auto dialling a set of numbers and delivering a recorded message
  • activates sirens or hooters
  • can activate additional attached gadgets
  • tamper-proof with a safety locking device
  • large coverage area

GSM dialer

  • Micro-controller based
  • 8/16 bones
  • 7/15 programmable as Delay, Immediate, Panic, Fire, Part and Staff
  • 1 dedicated tamper zone
  • Separate backlit remote key pad with 4-line LCD display
  • Can connect up to 3 LCD display remote key pads
  • 8/15 relay output to switch On/Off electrical/electronics devices
  • Automatic arming and disarming at pre-programmed times
  • Programmable weekly holiday for automatic disarming feature
  • Inbuilt GSM-based 2 message 15 telephone numbers speech and SMS dailer
  • Separate intrusion and fire voice messages
  • Can store 15 telephone numbers each for intrusion and fire messages
  • 20-second recording time for each message
  • Message playback for recorded messages
  • Alarm SMS for intrusion, fire, panic, tamper and wrong code, alarms
  • Alarm SMS with alarm type, zone number, time and date information
  • System status SMS for arm, disarm AC power On/Off, low battery
  • User editable name and address for SMS (optional)
  • Dialing to a single number or all numbers can be aborted by call receiver during a call
  • Status SMS are optional and sent to first number only
  • Key system functions can be operated by call: Full Arm, Part Arm, Disarm, Change Code, Switch On/Off 8 Electrical/Electronic Devices
  • Part and full arm modes for convenient daily use
  • Two user codes-master and staff
  • System goes into alarm state after three incorrect code attempts
  • Automatic re-arming in case of arm at which point open zones will be bypassed
  • Previous arm status (armed or disarmed) is retained when panel is re-powered
  • Inbuilt battery backup for internal clock
  • Distinct interrupted siren for fire alarm
  • Optional chime alert in Zone-1
  • Chime is programmable for each independent remote key pad
  • Battery strength displayed on LCD screen with  audio warning for low battery
  • Power failure < blown fuse, low battery indication
  • GSM signal strength display
  • Walk test for sounder free system testing
  • Open zones shown on LCD display
  • Independent entry and exit delay times programmable from 2 to 255 seconds
  • Programmable sounder time from 2 to 20 minutes
  • 24-hour active zones are bypassed if not restored after auto sounder time out
  • Provision for built-in 12V 7Ah SMF battery
  • Can omit one or more zones
  • Silent arming to silence exit delay audio indication
  • Night mode arming to convert delay zones into immediate zones
  • Intrusion log with time and date
  • Panic, fire and quick arm keys on remote key pad
  • Silent dialing to inform emergency contacts without a local alarm
  • Non-volatile memory restores multiple programmable settings in case of system reset

Speech (telephone) dialer

  • 1 message 7 number Speech Dialer
  • micro-controller based
  • 13 keys on board keypad
  • 20 second recording time

Can be integrated with Intruder Alarm Panels, Fire Alarm Panels, DVRs, Video Door Phones, Access Control Systems and more

EW 20 siren/EW 40 siren

  • can be used as a control panel or independent siren
  • has rechargeable battery back-up/dry cell facility
  • tampering activates the siren
  • power consumption negligible

PIR motion sensor

  • detects motion
  • unauthorised movement activates control panel and siren
  • digital dual-technology sensor
  • works on 230V DC supply
  • intelligent pet immunity
  • sensing technology eliminates false detection

Guard monitoring system

  • for use in commercial, industrial, army cantonment and residential areas


  • Dome camera
  • IR Dome camera
  • IR Bullet camera
  • IP camera
  • Speed dome camera


  • H.264 video compression
  • HDMI supported
  • 1920 x 1080 P
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, dongle compatible for mobile viewing, CMS centre