Save yagna material and the environment with this copper-made kund.

No waste, no smoke

Copper pot ensures uniform heating and burns yagna material completely, without thick, dense fumes. Available in standard sizes: 12 inches and 17 inches. Size can be modified on request.
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A yagna combines the benefits of heat and sound: heat from the fire and sound from the mantras, providing spiritual, physical and psychological benefits.

  • Copper pot maintains the temperature of the flame
  • Completely burns yagna material
  • Does not produce thick, black, dense fumes
  • Can be used in air-conditioned rooms and halls
  • Can be used daily with the right ingredients to keep away insects
  • Ideal for marriage ceremonies, religious ceremonies, use in small homes and in confined quarters


  • Dimensions: 12” and 17”. Size can be modified on request.
  • Power source options: adapter (230V AC), solar panel, solar LED lantern, cell chamber
  • Flame temperature > 300°C; increases upto 1300°C
  • 100% gasification and vapourisation of yagna material