LED light with unbreakable body.

Runs for 9 nine hours on full charge

Anti-glare glass for uniform lighting, even while charging. Maximum charging time 5 hours, with an SMPS charger or a solar panel.
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  • Maximum charging time: 4 to 5 hours with an 230V AC adapter and 7 to 8 hours (i.e. morning to evening) with an SPV-5W 6V solar panel
  • Maximum 9 hours continuous operation
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate body
  • Rocker switch for ON/OFF
  • Dimmer facility available
  • Power source options: SMPS charger (input 100V–240ACV, output 6.8DCV, 1A), solar panel (6V, 5W)
  • Can be used to power other appliances like the Smokeless Chulha and the Smokeless Havan Kund.

Optional accessories on demand:

  • Mobile charger
  • Radio player
  • Extra lantern illumination
  • Solar Panel (6V, 5W)

No other company provides the above features.


  • Number of LED lights: 60
  • LED lights power consumption: 3 watts
  • Contains sealed maintenance-free lead acetate battery
  • Battery specifications: 6V, 4.5Ah
  • Maximum 145 LUX at 1 feet distance (LUX is a unit of illuminance)
  • Built-in discharge protection for long battery life