Fully automated sensor based technology.

Power generation by upto 45%

Tracking system rotates horizontally as well as vertically, ensuring excess power generation. Its mechanical structure is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 60m/s, making it safe for cyclone-prone zones.
Single-axis tracking system is also available.
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Product details

  • Uses sensor-based technology, so no manual programming required
  • Automatically switches to power grid when solar energy is unavailable
  • Batteries store excess power generated
  • Solar panel chassis size expandable

Technical details

  • Tracker system power consumption per day < 5 watts
  • Auto grid change over system with timer ensures uninterrupted power of 230V AC load
  • Auto grid system switch time: 45 minutes
  • Horizontal rotation of tracker: 340° maximum
  • Vertical tilting of tracker: 70° maximum
  • Includes data logger system for continuous data collection: solar panel voltage, current, temperature, solar radiation